Children’s area

Play Park

Chems Ayour organizes many fun, sports, artistic and cultural activities for your children. We also have inflatable trampolines, bouncy castles and other games and structures.

Sculpture workshop

You can bring your little children to Chems Ayour have fun and learn to sculpt

Planting trees

Let your children come and learn how to plant trees and take care of the environment.


Chems Ayour has two swimming pools, one for adults and one for children.


Mini archery is a game of precision and concentration in which competitors attempt to shoot their arrows into the center of a target with their bow..


Each participant is supposed to get the ball into the tires

Bag race

The bag race is a sport game in the form of a line race in which each participant has both legs placed and is forced to jump. Obstacles can be added along the way.


Darts is a game of skill that involves throwing spiked projectiles at a target